Open Water Swimming


We are fortunate enough to be registered with the channel swimming association enabling us to provide adequate training to get swimmers (individuals or teams) prepared for their epic adventure in swimming the English channel. We will prepare you with the rules and regulations. You will have the experience of entering and exiting the sea from a vessel. Entering water from the beach to the vessel. We prepare swimmers for swimming in different tides, temperatures and weather conditions. You can either swim individually or in a pair. A spotter is provided for your own safety and they must be listened to at all times. All rules stated before departure must be abided by at all times or this could lead to your training be cancelled for your own safety. During training sessions you must swim at least one meter away from the boat, you must follows the boats course as the boat is not there to follow you. Hot drinks will be provided at all times throughout the trip. You must bring warm clothing, we recommend hats, gloves and a swim robe.