Health And Saftey

A Health and saftey briefing will be given before departure on all trips.

We advise you read this before coming on your trip with us.

 Please be aware that there are many sharp items on this vessel, especially hooks you'll be using and knifes you'll be using to cut bait and fish with. Please do not allow your weights to swing uncontrolled aboard the vessel. Arms or legs are not to be dangled overboard the boat at anytime while the vessel is moving! Some fish can be dangerous, these may have sharp spines or large sharp teeth, your skippers will advise you how to handle fish safely for any photos or to be taken home safely. 

The deck can become slippery when wet so please ensure suitable footwear is worn i.e not shoes with any type of heel.

 No running is permitted on the deck at any time.

When boarding or disembarking the vessel please wait for instructions as the vessel needs to be secure. 

Life jackets are supplied, please ask if you require one. A first aid kit is kept aboard the vessel and both skippers are qualified. Smoking is permitted only on deck not inside the wheelhouse, please respect other people onboard who may not smoke. 

An Accident book is held onbaord and any injuries that occur no matter how small will be entered.

 We hold no responsibility for any item that you may loose or that gets damaged during your trip, such as cameras, mobile phones and bags. 

In an emergency you must follow the skipper and crew who will calmly lead the way. 

Boney M is fitted with the latest safety equipment including: Flares, Fire extinguishers, life raft, life jackets and life rings and a full electronic package.

 If you have any additional needs/disability please ask the crew for support.